Week 2

The biggest takeaway this week during lecture was about the scrum technique. I’ve never really heard of that before and it seems really useful, especially for a project where there are multiple roles involved.

However, looking back at all my past projects, I’ll have to say that its a really difficult technique that requires the cooperation of everyone in the team. The roles and job scopes must be clearly defined within the team, and they all have to know that they’re contributing to the bigger picture. At times it feels like this is unachievable, because teammates can be friendly and eager to discuss and help each other with work. The boundaries get really blurred at times. It is still a great tool, and I can see it in action nonetheless!

I’ve also learnt about wireframes and mockups. I’ve always thought that paper mockups were the way to go, before advancing to later stages of prototyping. Invision was entirely new to me, and the mockups it produces are amazing. Further discussion with my team also led to me learning about how keynote/powerpoint can be also used as a really fast way of prototyping!

Talking about teammates, I feel its so much easier to learn from them and asking them questions, instead of poring through websites and books about whatever simple questions I have. Perhaps the unexpected initial inertia of asking questions (because I sound really stupid asking questions that probably sound ridiculous) is now lowered 😀

Looking forward to tomorrow’s lecture with people from Zendesk too, and hopefully we get enough rest because it’s definitely gonna be another mad rush to the end of the week :/

Week 2

What I hope to learn from CS3216

Coming from a design background, I really don’t know what to expect from this intensive computing module. I come from Industrial Design, a field which includes many different aspects of design, including UI/UX. I have extremely little experience in coding or programming, and I feel that it might be a struggle to keep up this semester.

I want to find out what it is like to work with a team of coders to produce a fully working app. My experiences with app creation has been really limited, as my team consisted of only designers. Without the help of coders and programmers, we didn’t know what could or couldn’t be achieved.

Furthermore, this is first time I’m working with people across different disciplines, on a project that can possibly make it to the ‘real world’. The thought of it is really exciting! It will challenge and improve our communication skills and ability to work in teams. Conflicts will arise, and hopefully all of us will learn to work better at the end of the day.

To cap it up, I’m just thrilled to be able to work with pretty much expert coders and to know that I can also contribute to the team to create something new and cool. My biggest takeaway at the end of the sem might most probably be about systems and IT and techy stuffs, things which I have no clue about right now.

I’m gonna keep it real short for now. Till next time!

What I hope to learn from CS3216